Tuesday, March 14, 2017

 Roy IntlShow Studmire commission for the "Becoming" Album Cover.   This was an amazing shoot and a spectacular image

Listen to the album--------> http://rapzilla.com/rz/music/freemp3s/10820-international-show-becoming

 #IntlShow #BeComing #SOE Roy Int'lShow Studmir

E inc. Afterschool program Newsletter. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


UniqueDezigns: Shoot

This Afrocentric Style Photograph was styled by June McCoy-Ried of UniqueDezigns. http://www.uniquedezigns.biz/

Photographer - Jaymes Leavitt

Model - Hershey

Stylist - June McCoy-Ried

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Can An Image Change Your Busines?

It can.  Advertising industry experts know that the most powerful way to motivate someone to purchase a product is to reach hidden psychology in consumers.  People have an instinctive reaction to images that convey a feeling or an emotion.  We have all seen the ads that portray an image we can put ourselves into when we see it.   A reminder of an experience or an inner desire can effectively motivate a viewer.   It can be an effective way to link that experience with your message or your brand.   We all relate our own experiences to the images we see.  It can conjure up feelings in our inner subconscious minds.  

Advertisers spend a considerable amount of time and resources testing out how psychology and images work together peoples spending habits.   One company selling hair products found out that generally, women want a sense of sexual reassurance:  a message more powerful than the "Get your man" theme they were using.  Once changed their image from a man smelling a woman's hair to an image of a woman looking at herself in a mirror...sales doubled over two years.  This play of vanity and narcissism was just the thing they needed to boost sales.

A small simple change of image may be just the thing you need to stimulate your revenue.

Jewelry Studio Photography

These are a few frames from the Exclusive Jewelry Collection By Designer June McCoy-Ried http://www.uniquedezigns.biz/

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Santas Helper!   Amazing portrait of Model Padma

Stephanie Portrait

Portrait of Stephanie in the Adams Street Park in Dorchester MA.   This frame was a nice one, it was hard to choose!   She's a gorgeous woman who photographs very well.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Metro City

When the band Metro City was together they sang like no other.  An A-Capella Hip Hop style, beautifully crafted and sung with a timeless spirit.  A bygone era..it was the only the inspiration of the times for these  performance artists.  Each went to pursue their own careers.  

Water shoot

This was taken on a set built with a spray water in the background. It was a lot of work and risky with the lights to get. The spray water is dynamic and worth all the effort! Ola, the model was a good sport too. She got soaked doing this shoot!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mr Mason - This man's got style

 Mr Mason, CEO of Handsome Boy Clothing has got to be the coolest guy I have ever met.  His style is amazing and his clothing line shows it.  While we were hanging out he was telling me how he likes all things vintage and I said "Lets shoot that Continental in the driveway. "  Mr mason smiled.  I love the cowboy boots too.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ball In The House

Ball in The House has performed in hundreds of venues from coast to coast.   These guys are the best a-cappella group I have ever heard.   They have also opened for some of the biggest acts in the music industry.  The Temptations, Cher and the Beach Boys to name a few.  Dave Guisti, founding member is from Dorchester and they formed the group in 2000.  I got this shot at a performance at the Cambridge YMCA Theater.

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Power Of Photography

What can we do to change the pressing environmental issues we face today?  I am confident that I have seen it in action!  E-inc has been promoting after school science programs for kids that help teach fundamental ways to help protect the environment.   The children are very aware of the issues and it is amazing to see the younger generation taking action.  The most gratifying thing to me is when my images are used in such a meaningful way.   They do a lot of great activities including field trips, experiments, and hands-on lessons.  Each participant gets a Planet Protector award for completing the curriculum.